Following Her Bliss (The Hero's Journey)

7 February
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Yesh, all the other stuff wasn't enough?
Well, obviously I'm new here. I most likely won't type much here, but from time to time I might write a bit.
I've loved to draw since I could hold a pen and paper in my highchair. I enjoy fanart, and I do it for myself, but sometimes for others. I have my own characters too that aren't just fan OC's.
I also love to sculpt. I started with clay, but now I'm experimenting with other materials like cardboard and wood. I can also use Sculpey quite efficiently.
I can speak Japanese pretty well, I've taken it for 3 years now, going into my 4th. Maybe I'll type some entries in Japanese so you can't read them.

Balh, blah, blah, I'm saying too much. So I'm stopping now.